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A Year In Review For SMS

It’s been a turbulent year in technology, telecommunications, economy, practically every aspect of everyday life. But for this look back at 2012, we’ll stick to what we know best, SMS, and list some of the events that marked the year for text.

Another Round Goes To SMS In The OTT Duel

Smartphones and mobile data networks advance in huge leaps in terms of accessibility, coverage and user experience. No wonder that OTT services have seen a huge boom, accompanied by booming proclamations of the demise of SMS. A legacy tech, expensive and uncool, questions were raised of its future and viability faced with the onslaught of existing OTT players and major new entrants such as Facebook.

But none of those contenders to the throne of text have the reach that SMS has, the ability to work between all types of phones, everywhere that you can find a mobile signal and without data connections or apps. Until that OTT player appears, SMS will remain the go-to mobile channel for delivering all sorts of messages, from marketing and m-banking notifications, to emergency alerts and of course, your good old person-to-person texts.

20 Years Is Forever In Technology

SMS celebrated its 20th birthday on 3 December. If you look at the top gadgets of 1992, when Super Nintendo was the norm, the MiniDisc the hot new thing and when the VHS still reigned supreme, you’ll see the world has changed in, oh, so many ways. But SMS is the same, and here it means a good thing.

It means SMS is still the same resilient and ubiquitous communication channel that has survived all the giant leaps in technology because none of its competitors can really match it when it comes down to reach and reliability. Sure, it’s not super-sexy like any of those fancy smartphone apps, but when you just need to get that message delivered to an old aunt with an old flip phone, SMS will do it. You can be sure of that.

So What About 2013?

It’s hard to say, but some things are certain: among all the smartphone wars, LTE networks, social integration and m-payments breakthroughs expected or desired in 2013, SMS will still be here, connecting people wherever there is a mobile phone and delivering that one important message.

We are back this year and we wish you a fun celebration and all the best in the next 364 days.

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GONG is a global mobile transaction cloud service connecting mobile and IP service providers and enterprises through an in-house developed and operated communication services cloud. Our converged messaging, m-payments, push notifications, voice and unified communication services bring a mobile and IP dimension to any business. Offices in Nigeria and strategic partnerships with major telco groups enable us to provide seamless integration, delivery and user experience. Always looking for innovation and new ideas, fostering a customer-first business philosophy and having the reach to every part of the world makes us the reliable provider for many clients in Nigeria and worldwide.

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