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The Global Mobile Transaction Cloud

GONG’s global mobile transaction cloud is bridging the gap between Mobile Service Providers and Enterprise clients worldwide.

We provide solutions and services to both enterprise customers and mobile service providers. All our solutions and services are designed and developed in-house by our team of highly skilled industry professionals offering functionality, flexibility and reliability that is of carrier-grade capability.

We have been recognised by our partners and peers as a credible mobile transaction cloud for every client profile. Our global reach helps define our approach and dedication to excellence.

By partnering with GONG you join a family of forward thinking and innovative people helping you use the latest in mobile communications technology to further your business objectives.


GONG’s entire portfolio is designed and developed in-house and draws on its extensive experience in the telecommunications arena, taking into account specific requirements of our clients and partners.


A fully resilient, modular, scalable and geographically-diverse platform with 24/7 monitoring and support delivers high performance messaging to more than 800 mobile networks in over 180 countries worldwide.


In addition to a whole range of mobile messaging services, GONG also offers professional solutions tailored to the requirements of application developers, service providers, financial services and enterprise organisations.


Security is a core component of the GONG platform, with multiple secure SS7 connections to trusted operator partners over encrypted access to help protect the confidentiality of customer data

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