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Mobile Messaging & Payments Solutions

Mobilise your business by integrating into our mobile transaction cloud. We provide powerful API’s, professional database solution and dedicated stand-alone web and desktop applications.

Our skilled development team work tirelessly to ensure platform reliability and geo-redundancy for the best performance in the industry. Our expert engineers and dedicated 24/7 support make sure your mobile business never stops.

Connect to us via APIs for seamless mobile service integration!

  • Direct connections to MNOs worldwide
  • Geo-redundancy achieved through global datacentres
  • High throughput, long messages, Unicode supported, delivery reports, 2-way messaging

Mobilise your business with us using our solutions for enterprise!

  • Secure and interactive mobile services
  • Database integration with our platform
  • Cost control and detailed reporting
  • 2-way messaging and message personalisation

Power your mobile communication through innovative applications!

  • Easy to use web and desktop-based applications
  • Customisable solutions branded with your logo and colours
  • Free application distribution to your clients
  • Detailed reporting and traffic statistics

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