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Mobilise Your Business

Mobile communications are the cornerstone of any business today: mobile allows you to monetise your resources, increase the impact of your brand and add a new revenue stream.

GONG’s enterprise solutions are designed in-house specifically for companies handling huge amounts of user data and give you access to the most varied demographics for marketing, customer care, polling and loyalty programs.


A global, SMS-based 2-factor authentication solution which exponentially increases security and can be easily implemented without the need to make an additional hardware investment.


A complete SMS marketing solution, allowing you to run 4 types of SMS marketing campaigns – broadcasts, polls, sweepstakes and coupons. Full reporting and statistics.


GONG’s GoCRM brings SMS functionalities directly to your CRM application, introduces a new and efficient communication channel, boosting your reach and interaction with consumers.


Menu-driven, instant communication between businesses and consumers. Polling, surveys, banking, notifications, OTP delivery – on any mobile phone, and without internet connectivity.


A robust messaging gateway for large enterprises. Deliver automated, real-time, event-based SMS messages: ATM transaction alerts, balance statements, reservation confirmations. Mobile app and email notifications also supported.


A collection of web-based and standalone SMS messaging applications. Built with white-labelling in mind, it will turn into a product under your colours and brand in minutes!

7Number Lookup Packages

For mobile number database cleaning, number validation and targeted campaigns, GONG’s four Number Lookup packages deliver on these requirements and meet the needs of a wide range of clients.

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