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A Reliable SMS-Based Security Solution

In many cases, you need more than just a password to achieve an adequate level of security in the digital space. Authentrix brings together something you know (a password) and something you have (a one-time PIN generator), which increases security exponentially).

Because everyone has a mobile phone and GONG can deliver SMS messages to them all, the device easily turns into a tool for providing an extra layer of security without investing into additional hardware.

How It Works

User enters his or her mobile number into a web form. A one-time PIN (OTP) number is generated and sent to the user’s mobile phone. The user receives the OTP and types it into the application to confirm his or her identity. if the PIN number that was sent out to the user matches the one that is received, the user is allowed to continue with the process.


Note that for a security breach to happen, the user would need to have both the handset and the password stolen or lost, which is a highly unlikely turn of events.

When To Use Authentrix

Every time a confirmation of identity is needed:

  • Creating a new account
  • Authenticating transactions
  • Verifying access
  • Software activation
  • e-Signatures

Who Is Using Authentrix

All major social networks, web commerce solutions, booking systems and online banking solutions are using 2-factor authentication.

Identity theft can harm your business and damage your reputation. Add extra security with our SMS-based 2-factor authentication. It is convenient, functional and universally applicable.


  • Reach – Delivering globally; any mobile phone is reached
  • Reliability – 24/7 support with strict SLA
  • Security – No third party is involved in the process of delivery
  • Flexibility – API allows tailor-made solutions

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