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GoCRM Enables Instant Access To Your Customers

GONG GoCRM brings SMS functionalities directly to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application, introduces a new and efficient communication channel, boosting your reach and interaction with consumers.

GoCRM – Mobilised CRM

In any company, CRM holds the most valuable assets – customer information. More than ever before, maintaining satisfactory client relations depends on your ability to communicate effectively.

GoCRM integrates an additional channel – SMS – into your customer relationship management platform, extending its functionality and enabling you to interact with your clients via SMS.

As mobile users rarely leave home without their handset, and given that they read their messages immediately, SMS is still the most efficient and reliable method of communication with clients..

Did You Know?

An average SMS message is delivered within 5 to 6 seconds to any place in the world, and is read within the following 5 minutes by the recipient. In spite of the rapid development in Internet-based communications, SMS remains a powerful, unsurpassed tool for urgent notifications, as well as those requiring timely response.

Whether you are in sales, marketing or customer support, GoCRM is smoothly combined with your daily workflow, opening new possibilities in your CRM operations.


  • Quick access to clients
  • Wider reach than any other communication channel
  • Improvement in company operations
  • Clear presentation of campaign results


  • Creating SMS campaigns from CRM
  • Personalised messages with dynamic fields
  • Number Lookup – database cleansing improves accuracy of your data
  • Delivery reports – track success of campaigns
  • Scheduling – define time allowed for sending messages
  • Suppression – manage campaign to avoid congestion


  • GoCRM is built as an add-on to Microsoft Dynamic CRM™
  • Completely in-house designed
  • Easily customised to meet your specific needs
  • Geo-redundant SMS platform with carrier-grade throughput
  • Highly educated, 24/7 support

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