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Bulk SMS From Your Desktop

Advanced offline and online features for the most demanding messaging campaigns.

What Is It?

GONG’s DeskMate is a standalone messaging application that allows you to manage SMS campaigns directly from your desktop. Through diligent low-level programming, our GONG DeskMate has been brought to the point of handling millions of SMS messages in a perfectly smooth and efficient manner.

Sending bulk SMS costs money; we understand you want to make sure that the operation is performed in an optimum fashion. We offer a reliable and powerful solution. Built by a group of messaging professionals who have been in the business for over 10 years, our GONG DeskMate is used and trusted by clients from across the globe.

It saves time and money by allowing you to stay offline while preparing your campaign; Internet connection is required only at the very moment of sending.


  • Versatile contact management
  • Fast internal processing
  • Advanced filtering options
  • User friendly interface
  • Export/import to CSV
  • Delivery reports
  • Account balance


  • Simplifies execution of any SMS campaign
  • Helps increase profitability
  • Facilitates communication

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