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The Complete Business Messaging Solution

WebMate delivers a complete web based platform that empowers companies to create customer communication through SMS, run marketing campaigns and manage account details.

In Depth

WebMate features full in-depth reporting and statistics, the ability to verify mobile numbers and optimise marketing databases using Number Lookup technology, along with multi-user support.


WebMateMobile messaging brings to your business, a fast, low cost method to communicate directly and efficiently with customers, colleagues and partners.

Whether you need to communicate with a mobile sales team, send thousands of SMS messages simultaneously to a marketing database, or simply send a quick text to a colleague or customer, WebMate is flexible enough to meet your needs. WebMate helps reduce marketing and contact centre costs through the enablement of optimised mobile marketing campaigns and provides the optional ability of validating customer contact information. In addition to encouraging greater interaction, mobile messaging also helps reduce waste and has a lower carbon footprint compared to paper-based communication methods.

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WebMate’s Dashboard gives you a real-time graphical overview of messaging traffic and expenditure, with the ability to export data to Excel or CSV format. Filtering can be applied by date, country or type of traffic, showing message traffic, Number Lookup requests, or both.

2Quick SMS

When you want to send an SMS fast, Quick SMS provides a simple SMS interface. Simply type or paste one or more recipient numbers, select a sender (either alphanumeric or a pre-configured numeric sender) enter your message, and press ‘Send’.

3Professional SMS

Professional SMS is a complete SMS communication tool. It offers a fully configurable message facility, including number validation and scheduling. Professional SMS supports recipient groups and lists, with a flexible address book and the ability to import contacts via an Excel or CSV file.

4Blast SMS and Preview

Designed to handle high volume SMS campaigns such as sales promotions or political campaigns, Blast SMS allows you to send targeted bulk SMS to thousands of recipients in just a few seconds. Recipient numbers can be uploaded easily and quickly in CSV or Excel format.

5Number Lookup Manager

Leveraging on GONG’s deep level mobile network access, Number Lookup Manager helps check the validity of mobile numbers, providing an enhanced and more accurate campaign and following on this a high ROI.

6Report Centre

Report Centre is a powerful reporting tool, designed to give fast access to traffic statistics. With facilities to filter data based on a date range, destination number or sender, Report Centre can quickly generate a CSV format file for import into Excel or other compatible applications.

7Account Management

The Account Management section of WebMate gives you full control over your GONG messaging account. As well as updating contact and billing information, you can also register numeric senders, manage users and passwords, and add new applications to WebMate (subject to availability).

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