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Adds SMS To Your Excel Options!

Integrate an additional feature into your Microsoft Excel® and send SMS messages directly from your spreadsheet.

What Is xCelMate?

In any modern organization, Excel is indispensable for managing matrices, tasks and contacts, and has been put to a variety of uses by businesses and administrations alike.

Imagine having one additional option – that of sending SMS messages directly from your Excel spreadsheet.

With GONG, such solution is right at your disposal. Our in-house developed xCelMate is a simple add-in for Microsoft Office Excel® software, making it even more suited for your everyday tasks.

It is accessible, highly customisable and secure, built by GONG’s professionals to add more power to the Excel features. Whatever your task may be, the option of texting your contacts from the very table will most certainly make it easier and save your time.

xCelMate is free to download. It automatically integrates into an existing Excel installation. Your Excel menu gets a few additional SMS-related icons and you’re ready to go. No previous experience or preparation is required.

How Is It Used?

Once you have prepared your spreadsheet, select the relevant cells and send your SMS messages in a few clicks, without ever leaving the window.

No internet connection is need during your campaign preparation.

Features And Benefits

  • Saves time – all SMS activities are managed within an Excel file.
  • Speeds up sending process with customisation features – dynamic originator address, personalised message content, predefined signature and more.
  • Efficient interface enables you to prepare drafts, adjust settings, check account balance or use a proxy connection.
  • Real-time delivery reporting, directly on the spreadsheet.
  • Advanced filtering system gives you greater control in contact messaging.
  • Quick, simple and clean integration into an existing Excel® installation.
  • 24/7 technical support – trained professionals ready to assist you with helpful advice and problem solving.
  • Single or bulk SMS messaging from your computer to recipients across 800+ network operators globally, in 180+ countries.

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