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Reliable And Scalable High-End Solution

Take advantage of efficient and advanced of high performance messaging platform design, developed entirely by industry professionals.

Data Centers

The entire GONG system is hosted on high performance geo-distributed data centres. All servers are clustered and interconnected by fiber channels. This configuration gives us an extremely high performance. The IP connectivity between data centres is achieved using BGP (Border Gateway Protocol).

Designed to be fault-tolerant, the solution is reliable and scalable, with a special emphasis placed on security, utilising VPN tunneling and IPsec as the standard. The infrastructure is hosted in geographically redundant data centers with backup power provisions to ensure no interruptions.

GONG’s High Performance Platform



The layered architecture is implemented so as to enable better system management and easier client connectivity.

Client Connectivity Layer
This layer provides multiple connectivity options to clients.

  • Connectivity options: SMPP, HTTP, JSON, XML; flexible for various encodings
  • Multiple concurrent SMPP connections for the same account

Enterprise Layer
Billing subsystem − real time billing and reporting with special features: multiple accounts and routing profiles on the same billing.

  • User-friendly routing application
  • Database
  • Administration
  • Reporting

Routing Layer
This is the core of our high performance mobile transaction platform, encompassing all crucial elements of our system.

  • Monitoring and alerting subsystems − active QoS (Quality of Service) monitoring – delays, encodings, all GSM features; these vital units of our system provide superior QoS
  • Auto Routing Subsystem – interaction with the monitoring and alerting subsystems enables this element to automatically choose the optimal routing in a given time frame
  • Account slotting − every account has its own queue and is never influenced by other traffic, allowing us to handle high volumes and maintain extremely high quality levels
  • Flexibility – special routing logic rules can be defined for each account
  • MNP Routing – our Number Lookup system makes sure all messages are delivered even if MNP has been implemented on a particular mobile number

Operator Connectivity Layer
Handling of all billing, financial issues, such as encoding or multiple connectivity issues.

  • Over 100 direct connections to operators
  • Over 40 deployed SMSC network for worldwide SS7 connectivity

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