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GONG SMS Solution For Resellers

A Solution That Allows You To Generate Revenue And Profitability Greater Than Ever Imagined!

Currently all industries need to improve their communication tools with customers, suppliers and staff. With a rapidly growing list of customers on all continents, GONG is an emerging leader in corporate text messaging.

To be a distributor should not mean any investment in software and hardware! Sending text messages (SMS) using GONG technology is as easy as sending e-mails!

Did you know that an average e-mail is read within 48 hours, while a text message is read within 20 minutes from delivery!

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Get The Following Benefits:

  • Advisory, consultancy and support from our experienced Marketing and Sales teams.
  • Technical training on our products and solutions.
  • Resell our messaging services with your company logo (whitelabel) at no cost.
  • Support to closing deals with your corporate clients.
  • Use of our web and desktop applications.

Uses Of SMS – Text Messaging:

  • Portfolio collection
  • Marketing
  • Transaction reports
  • Contests and voting
  • Elections, etc.

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