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PennyWyze – Simple And Mobile Payments Solution For Any Platform And Device

Build bridges towards customers. Offer them to pay with mobile phones.

PennyWyze is our mobile payments solution for merchants, helping them monetise their online businesses. Whether it’s music, movies, software, gaming credits or social network features, virtual currencies or power-ups, PennyWyze allows you to receive mobile payments from customers, with prices charged directly to their phone bills.

Fast and secure, PennyWyze can be used on any platform.

How Does It Work?

  • Integrate our Payment Widget into your site.
  • Use PennyWyze site to specify goods you sell and their prices.
  • Start receiving payments from customers’ mobile phones.
  • Use Partner Portal to track down revenue and control processes.
  • Any platform.
  • Any device.
  • Worldwide connectivity.
  • Top payouts.
  • Easy integration.
  • No additional costs.

Maximum security. Customer safety is our priority. Expand your business with our solutions.

Test mobile payments with our demo.

Learn more about PennyWyze.

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