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Let Your App Talk For Your Users

Make Sure Your Subscribers Never Miss A Notification

Consider this: you have built an app and you have a number of users. They are interested, but sometimes they don’t have time to load the app. What happens? They might miss the information they need.

Send them push notifications about anything that engages them and makes their lives easier: real-time updates, news, stock market alerts, sports scores, banking information, promotional messages or social network updates.

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Even if you don’t have your own app you can still use push to reach your audience. GONG gives you Pushify, an app built especially for push notifications.

Pushify allows your subscribers to receive push notifications. All they need to do is to install Pushify.

Target And Analyse

Locate your customers and find the best time to send notifications. This way you can send notification only on the location you want to. Use statistics and reporting to analyse and plan. By understanding your consumers, you can engage them in a meaningful way.

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