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Push Notifications: No Internet? No Problem!

SMS fallback extends the functionality of a push notification by delivering your push messages as SMS when data traffic is unavailable.

What Can This Feature Do For You?

Your app users presumably travel a lot, and they probably turn off mobile data traffic when abroad to prevent bill shock from mobile roaming charges. Still, they will make credit card purchases along the way, and will want to be informed about expenses made. Are you wondering how to keep them updated without mobile data? Here is the solution.

We provide you with the option to deliver information to your app users even without an active Internet connection. Our system enables automatic sending of an SMS message as a backup solution for all the app users who didn’t receive the push notification. This unique feature will ensure that your end-users never miss out on important information.

The SMS fallback feature is directly connected to your application and continues to do the job of push notifications. Naturally, for this to work, the system needs to know the end user’s mobile number. Our recommendation is to add a registration window in the app install process, prompting the user to enter the mobile number. When that is done, we can easily deliver a message to the user’s mobile phone.

GONG is one of the world’s fastest growing messaging networks, processing over 100 million of monthly transactions, so delivering SMS messages to your app users will be easy – regardless of where they are.

How To Set It Up?

Set up SMS fallback in a few simple steps.

  • Create your push notification in our online editor
  • Set a specific time period in which you want it delivered
  • Mark SMS as fallback option
  • Edit your SMS message to fit in the 160 character limit of SMS, if you want it to be delivered as a single message; it can easily be longer

To automate the whole process we provide REST APIs. With only one API call you can set up all 4 above-mentioned steps.

Your push notification will be sent to all of your app users at a designated point in time. If the message fails to deliver, our system will keep retrying for the duration you configure. When that period of time expires, SMS fallback takes over and our platform sends an SMS to all app users who didn’t receive the push notification.

To get more information about the SMS fallback feature, please, contact us.

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About GONG:

GONG is a global mobile transaction cloud service connecting mobile and IP service providers and enterprises through an in-house developed and operated communication services cloud. Our converged messaging, m-payments, push notifications, voice and unified communication services bring a mobile and IP dimension to any business. Offices in Nigeria and strategic partnerships with major telco groups enable us to provide seamless integration, delivery and user experience. Always looking for innovation and new ideas, fostering a customer-first business philosophy and having the reach to every part of the world makes us the reliable provider for many clients in Nigeria and worldwide.

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