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Messaging & Payments

When you think about the ways you would wish to approach the modern mobile markets, the sheer amount of possibilities can be overwhelming. Hundreds of providers, thousands of similar products, and no easy way to navigate the sea of information.

By connecting to GONG global mobile transaction cloud, any enterprise, financial institution, developer, retailer and marketer can easily reach their customers, regardless of the country and mobile network.

Our converged offering of SMS messaging, push notifications and mobile payments helps reach, engage and monetise your mobile user base in 190 countries worldwide.

GONG Platform


With geo-redundant data-centers, advanced monitoring and highly skilled support verified by thousands of satisfied clients we promise exceptional service delivery worldwide.

The services you have access to when partnering with GONG broadly fall into the following six distinctive categories:

1A2P Messaging

Reach billions with a high performance messaging solution. Deliver SMS messages to mobile handsets anywhere in the world.

2P2A Messaging

Get a number to send and receive SMS. Use 2-way messaging service for 2-way communication with your clients.

3Number Lookup

Reduce costs by solving number portability issues. Improve your mobile messaging effectiveness and lower your SMS costs.

4USSD Services

Interactive mobile services for your customers. No matter which mobile phone they use.

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