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Number Lookup

Dependable Mobile Number Validation

SMS messaging is an affordable mechanism to communicate with customers, however people change their numbers, travel out of their home network and even change service providers while keeping their original mobile numbers.

Keeping track of this can be challenging to a business, and can lead to lost SMS costs and a reduced return on investment (ROI).

Identifying The Need

HLR Lookup

Identifying The Need

SMS campaigns may be created to cater for a specific time period, or to reach a target market in a specific region. It is possible that a customer is off network, or is in a meeting. Knowing beforehand what numbers are available for sending can substantially reduce the costs of an SMS marketing campaign.

GONG’s Number Lookup Solution

HLR Lookup

GONG’s Number Lookup Solution

What Is Number Lookup?

HLR, the mobile network’s Home Location Register is the database of all mobile numbers on registered on its GSM network. The HLR keeps a record of the subscriber’s SIM card identifier (IMSI) and mobile number (MSISDN).

GONG’s Number Lookup service connects with the relevant mobile numbers home network and can identify whether the subscribers handset is roaming on another network, currently active or has been disabled. Additionally, with increased use of the MNP (Mobile Number Portability), subscribers are more than ever switching carriers yet holding onto their original numbers.

Number Lookup is able to provide accurate information on what the original network was and what the current network the subscriber is currently with.

Enterprises, resellers and other business that have a need to ensure that campaigns or messages are accurately and immediately delivered can rapidly validate and reduce messaging costs. Additional uses for Number Lookups are to re-validate and “clean-up” existing mobile databases that are kept by companies.

IMSI – International Mobile Subscriber Identity is a unique number burned in SIM card. IMSI is used for authentication, to identify a subscriber to the operator.

MSISDN – The actual phone number used for dialing. It is not stored in the SIM card but at the mobile network operator side. This concept allows changing the phone number without changing the SIM card (which contains only IMSI).
The Features

HLR Lookup

GONG’s Number Lookup Service Features

Key Features & Benefits

  • Improve revenue margins and expand service coverage
  • Save costs and improve messaging accuracy
  • Avoid MNP issues and interworking fees by optimising message routing
  • Optimise charging and billing
  • Tailored Number lookup packages to fit specific market needs and trends
  • 24/7/365 technical support
  • Guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) and service availability
  • Can be used alongside other GONG services

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