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    GONG Policies


GONG is dedicated to giving you the best business communication solutions while at the same time protecting your privacy and offering secure access to all of our tools.

GONG’s Legal Policies

Revising legal documents is an important step for any business. Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policies offer transparency, provide you with clear cut details about our policies as well as an insight in the privacy of information you entrusted us with.

» Terms of Service
» Privacy Policy
» Short Code Terms

Stay Secure While Working On Our Platform

We made our platform useful, efficient and secure. Here are three easy ways we keep you safe.

SMS Verification

SMS verification is the best way to ensure the safety of our customers. By sending the registration pin to your mobile phone we can easily verify the ownership of a specific GONG account. At the same time, we ensure the validity of the previously entered mobile phone number.

Cookie Usage

Enabling cookies in your browser is highly recommended if you want to enjoy the full functionality of GONG services. GONG uses traffic log cookies to identify which pages are being used and, more importantly, for login/registration procedures. Collected data helps us analyse web page traffic and improve our services.

Client Settings

Our client settings page for each service segment offers you all the information associated with your GONG account. There, you can review, change and update your user settings and login data.

A Few Technical Details

All our solutions are in-house developed. Multiple secure SS7 connections to trusted operator partners help protect the confidentiality of customer data.

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