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Why We Don’t Want You To Click And Go

For most modern businesses, it’s plug and play all the way. Signing up for services and products has never been easier. From streamlined signup flows to user onboarding, seamless is the name of the game. Give us your email, choose your username, password and you’re good to go.

The Thing About Plug And Play

When user acquisition is the name of the game, it’s no surprise that frictionless flows bear the most fruit, but there are times when a company simply needs to ask for that little bit extra when their users sign up. This is especially true for B2B companies and their clients. Give us more data so we can give you better service. That’s the promise at least.

The parallel can be Google, or any other modern service provider and us, its users. We all love convenience. Hassle-free experiences which allow us to access and use the service we want to, without spending time on things impeding that process. For example, when you’re using Pocket you want to quickly save articles you come across, seamlessly switch platforms and savor that quality reading experience.

Tools like autocorrect, search prediction, location services and, ultimately, Google Now make daunting everyday tasks so much easier. To do that, the service providers need to gather data which speaks to what we like, what our tendencies and preferences are, to improve our user experience.

Why Plug And Play Doesn’t Actually Work With Global A2P SMS

The telecoms industry works much in the same way. Regardless of what anyone out there is saying, global A2P SMS messaging capabilities aren’t integrated and properly served to a business in 2 clicks or less. Sure, enterprises can still test any A2P messaging service fairly easily, but when it comes to actually sending, this is why you’ll actually want to give us more info.

When we build our A2P solutions, we build them to be simple, helping to eliminate any strain on your communications. In the last 12 months, the GONG’s platform helped partners engage with 3.6 billion people worldwide. We connect you to your user with a single API call. To do that, we’re asking for more data around your business. Now, you’re probably asking how does that data help a provider like GONG solve that complexity, and what’s in it for my company?

Why It Works Best When You Talk To Us

Depending on the size and needs of your company, GONG can easily scale to fit your exact needs and volume. We can meet any technical requirements you have to help you integrate quickly and effectively, if you let us know. Our difference comes from combining great tech and strategic telco partnerships with a human touch in every corner of the world, which helps your messages safely navigate through local rules and regulations. If you just provide us with the destination. A real person will actually sit on a call with you, assess your A2P messaging opportunity and provide a custom-tailored model perfectly suited to your business.

This is what we believe true partnership is, but it works both ways. Plug and play might work for some companies, but we’d just rather talk to you instead. That way, we can actually get to know your business. By understanding what makes you tick, we can be the provider you want us to be. And you? Well, you can get the messaging service your business deserves.

It’s a complex industry, but messaging doesn’t need to be complicated.

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About GONG:

GONG is a global mobile transaction cloud service connecting mobile and IP service providers and enterprises through an in-house developed and operated communication services cloud. Our converged messaging, m-payments, push notifications, voice and unified communication services bring a mobile and IP dimension to any business. Offices in Nigeria and strategic partnerships with major telco groups enable us to provide seamless integration, delivery and user experience. Always looking for innovation and new ideas, fostering a customer-first business philosophy and having the reach to every part of the world makes us the reliable provider for many clients in Nigeria and worldwide.

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